NLP Toolbox for automated document analysis

As a part of the automated document flow by IxorDocs, our NLP Toolbox uses AI to facilitate any document flow.

Using state-of-the-art NLP and computer vision techniques, we created models to automatically analyse any type of document. These models can be trained on custom data to create a fully automatic document funnel. Our NLP toolbox includes following modules:

Invoice Recognition: Our invoice recognition module was created and fully optimised to extract all necessary information from scanned or digital invoices.

Keyword Detection: These models are fully customisable and will detect all fields-of-interest from your HR or finance documents. Automate your document processing flow using the detection of person names, addresses, bank id's, social security numbers etc.

Document classification: Our toolbox consist of multiple trainable AI modules to classify documents based on language, content or layout. Using these models we can craft any document pipeline.

Together with IxorDocs we can make sure that your documents are processed from start to finish, including links to Doccle or Peppol.

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