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From Proof of Concept to Deployment

We build custom and smart AI-software to solve your business problems. Together with your organisation, we define the best fitting solution and transform this into a proof-of-concept solution.

IxorThink is the machine learning practice of Ixor, a Belgian software provider. This means our services don't stop after a successful Proof of Concept implementation: our cloud and development teams will go the extra mile to make a production-ready and robust application, scalable and easy-to-use.

Our machine learning and data science experts have experience in a various range of fields: NLP, signal processing, computer vision, document processing etc.
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Workshops & Consulting

Using our knowledge of technology and your knowledge of your business we can help you reach the next level. Our experts love to guide you during our AI ideation workshop or help you prove the potential of innovative solutions.

In our AI introduction and ideation workshops, we provide you with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the technology. Together with you, we evaluate the possibilities and create awareness around AI in your organisation.

Our experts are available as consultants to develop data science and ML solutions in your organisation. If you want to expand the in-house AI technical skills, our consultants go the extra mile to train your team. This way, you can invest in the future of your organisation.
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