IxorThink is the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning practice of Ixor.

We engage with our clients by developing a sector and client-specific roadmap to implement AI algorithms into their businesses.

We execute these projects on a case-by-case basis aiming to maximise return on investment.

Vision Deployment
The first step is to develop a common understanding with your executive team around AI. We'll align around a vision for specific opportunities within your industry.

This vision becomes a lively process of sharing what we most care about in a way that creates enthusiasm and shared commitment.

Roadmap Development
Once there is a common vision of which AI opportunities are available, we'll work together to develop a roadmap and prioritise initiatives to align with the vision created.

Solution Development
After we have a roadmap, we'll work together to define requirements, validate data, and deploy relevant and impactful AI products.

Our aim is to implement a suite of AI processes that drive significant return on investment and efficiency within your organisation.

Demo: detect information in documents
To automate document flow to Peppol and Doccle, IxorThink designed a natural language model for IxorDocs. Our system detects client and payment information in invoices and other documents.

Technologies used : python libraries, N-grams, java, SVM classifier.